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I write mostly about how to use WordPress to create a sustainable & profitable business. I do this through my tutorials and my training programs.

All the while sharing my journey and what’s working for me.

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What’s in store for 2016

I know that many people sharing what happened in year reviews during January, but this year I want to share what’s on the radar for 2016. This is going to do two things for me, help me be accountable with my goals and aspirations as well as give me something to look back on publically…

My Wish For You This Holiday Season

I guess the countdown is on?  Only a few more days and Christmas is here.   While I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas, I do love the time between Christmas and the New Year.  It usually a quiet time which allows for a wind down and time to reflect on the year that is…

Using Permalinks To Improve Your WordPress SEO

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply add a new post to your website or blog, and the following took place … all from your web address: Potential site visitors could glean what the post was about, Google would be able to discover your posts faster, Every single item of content on your site…

How To Add And Configure WordPress Widgets – Part 2

In Part One of this step-by-step tutorial series, we cover the basics of how to use WordPress widgets. In this section you will configure various frequently-used WordPress sidebar widgets. Sidebar Widget Configuration In a default WordPress installation, your site comes with a number of built-in widgets that can be used out of the box with…

How To Add And Configure WordPress Widgets – Part 1

As I’ve shared in this post, there are many great benefits in using WordPress to build, manage and grow a website or blog. One benefit is that you can easily add content, expand your site’s functionality, and rearrange the layout of your site without having code editing skills. WordPress lets you quickly and easily add, delete, and…

Protect Your WordPress Site From Getting Hacked

WordPress frequently comes under attack by hackers. In early 2013, WordPress installations around the world were subjected to large-scale brute force attacks. These attacks were caused by networks of infected computers programmed to attack other vulnerable computers, also commonly known as “botnets”. What Is A Brute Force Attack? A brute-force attack is a technique used…

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