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Technology shouldn’t hold you back in your business.  

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Hey there!  So cool that you’ve stopped by my little piece of real estate here in this crazy internet world.

There’s so much going on each day in the interwebs it’s hard to keep up isn’t it?  Well, I’m glad you found me then, I’m here to help you wade through it all.

My name is Renee and I’ve created a pretty happy place here and I want to show you the same.  I believe each and everyone of us deserves to have a nourishing life + an awesome business (if that’s your dream!) that’s sustainable, profitable and well fun!

I’m the creator for the Awesome Business Community where I share my knowledge on how to build an awesome business and nourishing life, sounds fabulous doesn’t it. Why not check it out and join me along with hundreds of other amazing women on a similar journey.

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Are you stuck?  Has technology got your goat & holding you back?

Book a complementary Focus on You Session right now!  We’ll chat about what’s holding you up, what’s stalled your business and we’ll brainstorm a few ways to get it back into high gear.  These calls last 20 to 30 minutes are completely complementary and there’s no obligation, but I’ll share this – I will tell you about my other programs and offerings to see if I’m a fit to keep you moving forward!

Go book your session now…


Using a new piece of technology & it’s got you cursing to the heavens trying to figure it out?

In my first office job I worked on a MAC II and have been using the internet before it was called the internet.  It’s likely I’ve worked on the piece of software or technology you’re trying to use in your business and I can shorten your learning curve by showing you the ropes!

Usually 60 minutes will do it, but hey you never know and I can create custom training for your team too. Head on over to see what I offer and how I might fit into your plans.


Do you wish you could have access to an amazing resource that can answer your marketing & technology questions + have an awesome community to hang with?

Joining the Awesome Business Community will give you just that.  For less than the cost of just about anything in a month, you get 24 hours of direct access to me, a fabulous facebook group to ask questions and training on just about anything technology wise! Come on over and check us out.

This is a great answer for folks who aren’t ready for 1 on 1 time with me, but still want the help when you need it!  Go join, now, you’ll love it I pinky swear!


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