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My Books

RidTheWorldofTypicalRid the World of Typical

An Atypical Action Guide to Stepping Up and Standing Out


Learn the 7 key elements to embracing your atypical self and how you can step into your zone of genius and share your awesome with the world




12Designtrendskindlecropped12 Design Trends You Want to Know About

Websites and the designing of websites is moving faster and faster. Understanding the key elements to building a up-to-market website that engages clients & customers is important today. This quick guide will share the 12 design trends you need to be thinking about implementing for your current or new website.

In easy to understand language you’ll know what you need to do to create a modern website that engages and converts our customers or clients.





Ultimate Business Checklist

What You Need to Build Your Business

Suitable for new business owners and experience business owners, the checklists here will give you a great overview of all of the important elements in your business.  If you’re new it gives you a great starting point, if you’ve been in business for a while there will be reminders of things you need to get set up.




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