A cautionary tale

Today I want to share a story, I’m calling it a cautionary tale of going viral.

Imagine if you will...

You have created some amazing content on your site, the title of the blog post is intriguing and really entices folks to click through and the graphics you created to share on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the best you’ve created.

During your regular check in with Google Analytics you see a spike in your traffic, you dig a little deeper and discover that it’s gone viral – well at least for you!  You are excited and then the worst thing happens

You got to check the PIN that’s bring the traffic and you click through to your site to see something similar to…


Your mind races and you’re panicky because you have no idea what has happened, nor do you have any idea of how to fix it.

You hit up Facebook groups, Google, Youtube all while waiting on hold for what feels like forever with your web hosting company.

When you finally get through your web host gives you some vague answers about resources and that your site is over limit so it temporarily took your site off line.

Finally you get your site back online and you breathe a sigh of relief and go to be content, knowing that you should have some new subscribers and new shares on your “viral” pin.

But, you wake up to discover…

Your site is down AGAIN


This story can have many different endings, but this is not only a cautionary tale of going viral, but it’s also a tale of using shared hosting.

I’ve seen it happen too many times and choosing your web host based on what’s popular or price is not the best business choice for your online business.

Your website is your storefront, it’s how people learn who you are and what you have to offer.

If you don’t have a website it’s hard for you to do business online.

Now you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high quality web host, but you’ll want to to spend more than $35 a year.

What do you want to look for when choosing a good website host?

  • Do not go based on just reviews – as many people are making recommendations to get affiliate sales and money in their pocket
  • Ask about their technology – are they using current and up to date servers?
  • See how long they have been in business
  • What happens should you have a spike in traffic, how do they handle it?
  • If you’re on shared hosting, how many other sites/clients will be on the same server?
  • Do they offer a backup service to backup your site and if so how often, plus how hard is it to access it?
  • What is their average uptime?
  • How do they handle downtime? And how does that rate against their uptime guarantee if they have one.
  • What is their refund policy and do they have a discount for paying in advance? Though I personally never recommending more than 1 year at a time.
  • How are the reviews of their support and how much will they help you if you get stuck?

What about all those updates for WordPress?

While you can do it yourself, or you can invest in a web host that provides some updates.

No web host will handle all of your updates for you.

So if you’re tired of doing your own updates to your WordPress website, or you just dread the idea of having to do them then it’s time to invest in having someone do it for you.

My Geek in Your Pocket service is ideal. You still have all the control to make edits and changes to your website as you need, but when you sign up for my Geek in Your Pocket service you’ll rest easy knowing that your website is keep up to date and backed up on a regular basis. Along with the updates you’ll have security monitoring and uptime monitoring.

And if you need some WordPress support, you have access to me to ask questions and get things done. Each task is only $75 US, pretty simple and easy peasy.

Check out my Geek In Your Pocket Service >>

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