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Thank you so very much for choosing on of my Geek Services. I feel blessed to know that you put your trust in me and my business to take care of your website.

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To get you set up and so I can take care of your site you’ll need to feel out this form below, skipping this step will delay getting you set up and using the service

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Step 1: I’ll get your email with your details of your website and I’ll get busy getting this set up.  During this process I will create a new Administrator login for myself and my team so we have quick access to your site and my services will start monitoring your site.  This will be completed with in 2 business days of you submitting this form.

Step 2:  Once things are set up I will send you a confirmation email and you will be added to our client follow up email list.  Each month I provide my clients new training and I take the relevant news and bring it all together in an easy to understand newsletter.  You’ll also receive some on-boarding documents to get you comfortable with the service and what you can expect.

Step 3: Have a service request, or need help with something?  Just head over to my support desk here & I’ll get to your request promptly.

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