Geek Services Information Request

Thank you so very much for choosing on of my Geek Services. I feel blessed to know that you put your trust in me and my business to take care of your website.

Your next step is uber important.

To get you set up and so I can take care of your site you’ll need to feel out this form below, skipping this step will delay getting you set up and using the service

Once you complete this form, here’s what will happen.

Step 1: I’ll get your email with your details of your website and I’ll get busy getting this set up.  During this process I will create a new Administrator login for myself and my team so we have quick access to your site and my services will start monitoring your site.  This will be completed with in 2 business days of you submitting this form.

Step 2:  Once things are set up I will send you a confirmation email and you will be added to our client follow up email list.  Each month I provide my clients new training and I take the relevant news and bring it all together in an easy to understand newsletter.  You’ll also receive some on-boarding documents to get you comfortable with the service and what you can expect.

Step 3: Have a service request, or need help with something?  Inside your WordPress dashboard you will see a new box that will make is super easy for you to send me any requests you may have.  Alternatively you can use to email me directly.  Please use this email address as I will be notified so I can get to you promptly.

Geek Services Information Request
Please provide the same email you used to sign up for the Geek In Your Pocket Service so we are able to match your accounts
Note: If you've requested to have more than one site managed, you will need to complete this for for each website.
This helps us to manage expectations as well as provide recommendations should you have any issues.

Website Details

Note the following information is required for us to get our service set up correctly for you on your website. When we are setting up our service we will create a new Administrator User for your WordPress site.
By default this is usually If it is different from this format please provide it.