Back Up Nightmare

I am SUPER thankful I had a solution since I would have been thrown into a pretty huge panic.

The back story….

I was procrastinating on some other things I needed to do and had made the decision I wanted to test out a new child theme from my favorite theme designer.

This is a pretty run of the mill task for me to do.

I went ahead saved a copy of my current child theme and then went ahead and installed the child theme. Reality is I really should have been doing this on a staging site, but I decided not to go that route.

Playing around with the new theme design I realized I REALLY DO need to do this on a staging site because it will take me a bit longer to make the changes

I’d like and I also wasn’t the biggest fan of how things were initially looking.

Then the worst thing happened…

Since I decided I wanted to revert back to my old look and design I knew the quickest way to do this would be to restore my site design from one of my daily backups (I use my Geek in Your Pocket service for my own site of course!).

I login, start the restore. I navigate away from the tab temporarily while I go ahead and do some other tasks. A little while later I simply decided to go and look at my site to make sure it looks like it should AND it doesn’t.

O.M.G – what happened

Quickly navigate back to the page doing my restore and see a database error.

Okay, not too big of an issue.

I figure I can login to my site and upload the settings I had downloaded before I started this.

Username and Password doesn’t exist

That’s the error I was getting when I tried to log back into my site! Oh gawd, what did I do?

I tried restoring the site again – no luck

I then logged into my cPanel, deleted that corrupt installation of WordPress and started fresh AND YET I still had the same issue.

Last try…

I finally had to reinstall WordPress and then did a restore of files from 7 days prior. I hadn’t created any new pages or content on my site so it was all good.

My lesson from this…

No matter who you are, or how much you may or may not know about WordPress, servers, cPanels etc you MUST have multiple versions of your WHOLE website stored off site from your host, at least 3 but I think even more.

My Geek in Your Pocket service provides daily backups and I store at least 30 days worth of backups of your website when you’re a Geek client

Have me as your Geek in Your Pocket I can quickly bring your site back for you.

Yes, depending on how much content you write you may lose a bit, but it’s better than starting from scratch.

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