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I’m so busy and other lame excuses

I’m so busy and other lame excuses I was going to write this just to my awesome email posse, but it’s really a bigger issue that needs to be shared with everyone. It’s something I’ve been seeing too much of lately (myself included). What’s your excuse? Admit it, we have all used an excuse to get out of doing something. Whether it be helping out with something at work, or in our personal lives. We say we’re too busy, or I have a sick kid at home. I don’t have time, I just can’t do it. I don’t know how…. All excuses I hear it from my clients, especially new clients that come to me because they’re stuck. The “don’t” know how to do something, they’ve given up because they can’t figure it out. If I could get a buck for every time I’ve heard from new and potential clients… My website has been the same since 2008 because I “don’t have the time” to figure out something new. Truth time… It’s not important enough. (Ouch!) If it was you wouldn’t have an excuse, you’d just get it done.

Truth Time: What to do when it doesn’t feel right.

As a solopreneur, it sometimes can be hard to keep things moving and trust that what you are doing is the right thing for you and your business. Some folks will say that it’s resistance you’re feeling, keep moving forward just push through. Just push through…… Nope, it’s not resistance I’m feeling. It’s what I now realize is that I’m not sticking to what’s right for me.  Keep reading to learn what’s been happening and where things are going… Here’s the thing, it’s not that things are bad, far from it. I so MANY  ideas for great content, challenges, giveaways and so much more flowing like crazy, but the ONE big thing that’s been sitting there for a long time, I’d say about 18 months or so is the idea of that “Signature” Product.  You know that one program that trumps them all, it’s the one you drive traffic to and all roads lead to this fabulous product. Well, this idea keeps calling my name but in truth it’s just not sitting right because…and here’s the kicker…. I KNOW deep inside that the idea of one of THOSE signature programs that cost an arm and a leg, are only offered once year maybe twice a year is WHAT I SHOULD be doing. Bleh – it just doesn’t sit right with me. You see I want to HELP you, help you with your technical tidbits and get your small business working …

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How the Bullet Journal cured Idea Overload Syndrome

Last week I shared with members of my list that I suffer from Idea Overload Syndrome or as I like to call it IOS and I promised I’d share a few ideas on how I handle IOS. Let’s dive in! I’m an entrepreneur, and there’s never a shortage of ideas, projects or new software I’d love to try out in my business, but for all of those ideas I don’t have the time to get it all done.  sure I could outsource and manage many of the ideas, but it’s not how I want to spend my time either. So how do I handle IOS?  I have a six step process to help me get in control of the IOS, I’ll share the first three today and then later this week I’ll save the rest. If you are suffering from IOS, your first step is to recognize it for what it is, a lot of great ideas that need an opportunity to flourish.  Now some of these great ideas, will just sit and percolate but that’s as far as they go and that’s okay. Others will sit there, drawing you in wanting you to do something fabulous with them and that’s okay too, but you need a way to harness them in and manage them. Here’s what I do…. Create a catch-all: The way to a clear and focused mind that wants to spend it’s time on doing great things …

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Do you suffer from Entrepreneur Fatigue Syndrome?

Today it happened.  I hit a wall, I was doing so many things to keep moving in my business… answering emails, following up with clients, writing a blog post, coaching clients in my Awesome Business Community, pulling together some training, planning for my upcoming signature program in the fall and on and on…. If you’re a solo business owner, I’m sure you can related to everything that needs to get done in your business and for many of us we want to be everything in our business.  You know, the assistant, the techie, the receptionist, the CEO, the Marketing Department etc… then it happens – it just doesn’t seem possible that you could do any more. You know you’re suffering form Entrepreneur Fatigue Syndrome if you KNOW there’s lots you “COULD” be doing in your business, but you just simple don’t have the strength or energy to even think of one more thing in your business. This was me today and then the universe provided a reminder right when I needed it, Christine Capone, one of the amazing members of the Awesome Business Community shared, ‘It’s OK to Live Your Life’ (watch the video here) and it I realized that everything I think is must get done today can wait, it can wait until tomorrow or the next day. What suffering from Entrepreneur Fatigue Syndrome can really mean…. You’ve strayed from your ultimate purpose in your business.  Your big why, …

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