10 Things To Do Right Away with Your Website

Congratulations on setting up your new WordPress blog! I’m assuming you’re using WordPress for website, but if not never fear most of these tips will still apply to you! Here’s the key things you should do with your new WordPress blog now that you have WordPress installed. 10 Things to Do with Your New WordPress Blog #1 Choose Your Theme The first thing you want to do is choose your theme. Take a look at several themes, and make sure you find one that fits your needs. Think about the the way you want your site to look, and check out the themes to see if they have specific functions you want (for example – a landing page layout, a customizable home page). Remember you can always change your theme and you will with your new WordPress blog. If you can’t find the “perfect” one, find one that is close … Read more

Should You Hire or DIY Your Website?

When you’re starting out money is usually an issue and most bootstrapping business owners think that choosing to go DIY (Do it Yourself) is often the best option to getting something done, but is it really? Today, we’re going to look at whether or not making the decision to DIY or hire someone for your website makes the most sense for you. I’ll share where I think you should invest your money and maybe where you can stay lean for now. This isn’t about telling you which way you need to go, each of us has different skill levels and each of have different levels of patience to get things dones. Choosing what is right for you and your business is an important skill set as a new entrepreneur. Let’s set the scene, you’ve decided to launch a business…. You know you need a website, but there’s so many choices  and well … Read more

A Basic Guide To HTML For WordPress Users

The web, your web site, your web pages and even your content are all built and powered by a language of code. It is inevitable, then, that sooner or later, you will probably need something done for your business online, for your web site, or in your web content that will require having some knowledge of code. HTML is one of the “code” languages that is used to power the web, websites, web pages and even your content. You don’t need to know HTML in order to use WordPress. WordPress has unique features like “themes”, “plugins” and “widgets” that let you manage your website without having to touch code, and an easy-to-use, built-in editor that lets you compose and easily format your content just by clicking on a few buttons. This post provides a practical reference guide for beginners to basic HTML codes you should be familiar with to format … Read more

Using WordPress To Grow A Successful Business

Do you know much about WordPress? Maybe you have heard of WordPress, maybe you haven’t. You may be forgiven for thinking that WordPress is mostly a “technical” software application that mostly excites code-programming techies and geeks such as website developers and website designers. I understand why you may feel this way. Maybe you believe that, as a small business owner, your focus should be on your business and not on technical things like websites. That’s why businesses hire web developers, website designers and web masters to build and manage their sites, isn’t it? In the Digital Economy, business owners can no longer think in terms of “looking after a business” and “owning a website” as being two separate things. A digital presence is now an integral part of your business whether you care to admit this or not, and managing your business online, is just as important as managing your … Read more

Statistics And Usage About WordPress – An Overview Of WordPress For Business

This blog post is part of a series of articles designed to help you understand how the WordPress content publishing application can help your business grow and succeed online using the WordPress CMS. For more information about of the article series, see this post: How To Grow Your Small Business With WordPress In this article, we present some statistics about WordPress that will help you understand why millions of businesses around the world rely on WordPress and what kind of people and businesses are using WordPress today. WordPress: Facts And Figures A brief summary: WordPress began in 2003. WordPress is available as a hosted platform (WordPress.com) and as a self-hosted, downloadable application (WordPress.org). 23 out of every one hundred new domains registered in the U.S. are for installing a new WordPress website. There are over 60 million installations of WordPress. This number is growing everyday. Over one-sixth of all websites … Read more