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Looking Back at 2016 & Looking Forward to 2017

I always love this time of year, the chilly nights, looking at the blanket of snow here in my tiny community in Alberta, Canada and a brand new year open to brand new possibilities.  I have to admit, I love the dreaming and planning part this time of year, but often stumble when it comes to the consistent implementation of those plans. As part of my theme (I’ll share in a moment) and direction for 2017, I’ve decided to start writing regular reviews.  Now I don’t know if this will be a monthly check-in (I’m leaning towards this) or a quarterly check-in (maybe both!). If you’ve been working online for any length of time you’ve likely seen a variety of “Monthly Income Reports”, while my income will be part of this process it’s not the focus.  The focus of these reports is to share what’s happening here at my world wide headquarters and what’s been working and what could use some improvements.  It’s a further enhancement to my NOW page, where I write a bit about what I’m reading and what’s happen (note to self: update the NOW page for 2017 Q1) and hopefully will help you see how others …

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My Favorite (Biz) Things 2016

Last year I wrote a post about a few of my favorite things and I had so much fun sharing what I loved that I wanted to do it again this year.  The 2016 list though is going to be a bit more extensive.  You see the last few weeks I’ve been making notes of all the things I love using in my business. Now some of them, I’ve stopped using but that’s usually because I’ve outgrown the purpose of the product or service, not because I don’t like it.  Some of these products will be affiliate links, so that simply means I’ll get a bit of bonus from the company for referring you if you decide to purchase.  I’ll also indicate which items are free to use and which may have a fee or price attached to them. Ready? Let’s get to it! Planners I have a confession to make.  I love technology, I love trying new products and new services to see how they can work for me, or how it might benefit my clients. Yet, I absolutely love paper!  It’s my prefered way to track my tasks and projects and because I work mostly on my own, …

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Zapier and IFTTT review – In this video I give you a quick run down of two automation services Zapier ( and If This Then That ( Learn how you can automate your life with these services. I also mentioned about Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Business Amazing Life Academy and you can learn more here: 4 Shares Share4 Pin Tweet +1

Thrive Leads Plugin Review

Want more Videos from Renee? SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel: DOWNLOAD 5 Ways to Turn Web Visitors Into Clients: Get THRIVE LEADS: Note: this is an affiliate link. *** ABOUT RENEE Originally a Canadian west coast girl and now I’m from a tiny community called Daysland, AB and I help you become friends with technology. When you have an online business understanding how to use and benefit from technology can make or break your business. I help you figure out how to use the right technology for the right action. Whether you’re a DIY’r or a delegation queen understanding the fundamentals of technology will not only help you build the business of your dreams, but sustain you along the way! I’ve always had a natural talent for picking up technology quickly and I was often the quiet one in the meetings that came up with the “great” idea after a bit of thought. Both great traits when doing things my own way and I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start to blaze their own trail by showing them that technology can be your friend and make your own business journey easier. I can do the same for you, …

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Trello Productivity Hack: How I’m using Trello to Keep Me on Track in 2015

Wow! We’re half way through the first month of 2015, doesn’t matter what you’re doing time is just going to fly so since it’s going to do that might as well make the best of this. Yesterday, I created this video about how I’m using Trello to keep me on track in 2015.  I’m using Trello in the traditional way, to manage my projects and tasks, but I’m also stretching it a bit and using it in a way – I think – that might help a few of you.   The video is about 23 minutes long, so kick back take a break and enjoy.  Oh and let me know what you think in the comments, k? Want to try trello? Join the Awesome Business Community: Check out the 30 Day Build Your List Challenge: Bullet Journal: 2 Shares Pin1 Share1 Tweet +1