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Should You Hire or DIY Your Website?

When you’re starting out money is usually an issue and most bootstrapping business owners think that choosing to go DIY (Do it Yourself) is often the best option to getting something done, but is it really? Today, we’re going to look at whether or not making the decision to DIY or hire someone for your website makes the most sense for you. I’ll share where I think you should invest your money and maybe where you can stay lean for now. This isn’t about telling you which way you need to go, each of us has different skill levels and each of have different levels of patience to get things dones. Choosing what is right for you and your business is an important skill set as a new entrepreneur. Let’s set the scene, you’ve decided to launch a business…. You know you need a website, but there’s so many choices  and well it’s so overwhelming.  Incredibly confusing in fact.  So much to figure out and understanding all of the technical terms is just too much. Maybe you’ve found a few websites that offers design or development services for websites but you either can’t figure out how much it’s going to cost or …

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