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Welcome to my little slice of the internet

I’m Renee and I’m thrilled you’re here

I spend my time writing about WordPress, and sourcing out cool things around the inter-webs so you can run a well optimized website and business. Taking what can be overwhelming for you and breaking it down into easy to understand pieces to help you make informed decisions about the technology you use in your business.

Why me and why this site?

I’ve been working online since 2008, which is a lifetime in internet terms.

I started out as virtual assistant, morphed that into a boutique web development agency and now I run a minimalist business focusing on sharing what I’ve learned. Mix in a bit of tech support working with my favorite clients and I’ve built a business that I love.

As you spend time around here you’ll discover my Geek-In-Your-Pocket and Geek in Residence Services, but I’m so much more than the services I offer.

What is the focus of the site?

WONDER: Isn’t it time to experience more of the wonder that’s all around you? I live much of my life based on the Buddhist concept of beginner’s mind.  I choose to look at the world from a state of curiosity and wonder, whether it’s some new technology or what’s happening around me, I observe, absorb and then I share it all (and it makes my introverted soul thrive when I do).

WORDS: My secret love (not so secret anymore!) is writing. I love the written word, sure my grammar isn’t spectacular but I KNOW how to take the complex and make it easier to understand.  My tutorials, reflections, reviews and musings are all written to make it easier for you to understand, giving you the power to make informed decisions for your business and life.

WORDPRESS: My business model has been built around WordPress for many years and I provide support, training, tutorials and services all built around WordPress. You can discover my popular Geek In Your Pocket here.

What’s next?