Google Analytics Toolkit

Welcome to the family! You can access all the details of the toolkit below

Inside you’ll all the details to get your Google Analytics account running on your website as well as learn the basic reports I feel all bloggers and website owners should be watching to better understand and serve their audience.

If you get stuck or have any questions, shoot me an email.

Article: Blogger’s Guide to Understanding Google Analytics

Download: 5 Google Analytics Reports You Should be Watching

Download: Blogger’s Guide to Google Analytics + Checklist & Workbook

Bonus Dashboard: My Business Dashboard – click this link to quickly install this overview to your own Google Analytics Account.

Before You Leave!
Quick Start: Checklist to Keep Your WordPress Site In Tip Top Shape

You Don’t Need to Have a Gift to Know What Your Audience Wants.

You just need the right tools!

With the right tools you can…

  • Discover what your audience wants.
  • Learn the best ways to test what’s happening on your site
  • Discover what you should focus on right now

Google Analytics can be confusing but my Blogger’s Guide to Google Analytics makes it easier to understand!