Happy New Year, Reflection on 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome new subscribers to my community and I look forward to sharing and getting to know you in 2019. Those of you who have been here for a while, I’m so very thankful that you’re here and I look eager to help you maintain a website that fits your goals!

This is the prime time of year that many of us are planning and thinking about how we want to see 2019 become. For many years, I just dived into planning for the year and then found myself getting distracted or even bored with what I was doing and I never met my goals I had initially set for myself.

This year feels different for me.

I have a great service that I’m offering that I know is helping the folks who have signed up for my Geek in Your Pocket service and my big audacious goal for 2019 is to have 160 awesome clients on my service.

Yet, that’s not all that feels different. This year I feel like I have focus and a true direction. I truly KNOW how I can help my clients.

How did I get here?

I spent time over the holiday break reflecting on what I did in 2018 and studied what worked for me and what I could let go of that was no longer serving me.

How will this manifest for me in 2019?

I have chosen 4 words to guide me in 2019. These words will help me focus in making decisions that will help me in my business for this year.

My theme words for 2019 are…

Trust & Allow + Simplify & Amplify

This year, I’m going to trust the processes and allow the amazing things to happen. Knowing that I’m ready for bigger and better, along with helping you master maintaining and managing your website so you can build on what’s amazing about you.

I’m also really looking at what I’m doing in my business and simplifying not only my processes and services I use, I’m going to use it for making any new business decisions and whether it will help me grow my business the way I desire.

I also plan to amplify my voice be it on video, Facebook lives, telesummits or reaching a new audience I’m looking for ways to amplify my reach ways that help me to keep things simple.

What about you?

  • Do you have theme words or a word that will guide you in 2019?
  • What big audacious goal do you have for 2019?
  • How can I help you reach that goal?
  • Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to be part of your growth in 2019.

’til next time, make it fantabulous

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