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I write, read, absorb share what I find online and think a lot about how I am making an impact in the world.

I am the founder of Get a Geek In Your Pocket, a personalized WordPress Maintenance and Security service that helps bloggers and website owners.

It also helps pay my bills.

My other offerings include WordPress Speed Up Service, Speed Up Secrets, Expert Editing with WordPress 5.0, Easy Peasy WordPress Maintenance, Use What You Got Guide.

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I’ve been managing, updating and tweaking WordPress websites for 11+ Years, and I want you to have a WordPress site that is snug as a bug & update, so those who have nothing better to do will ignore your website and move to someone else.


I love to write and share my stories and journey as an entrepreneur. I write about my life, technology, WordPress, spirituality and more

I’m part of a year long mastermind program and this month’s topic was, You, First” and the question asked of us was…

“Why did you start your business and what does it give you that you otherwise wouldn’t have?”

When I really start to think about it, I realize that much of my initial why is no longer that relevant.

I’m a rebel at heart and I will easily go left when you tell me to go right just because I GET TO CHOOSE how I want things to turn out. 

I know now that I’m no longer employable. 

I don’t fit into the traditional mode of going to work. 

When I think on that, my heart clenches, and my shoulders tighten.  Ugh the sense of dread, just writing that hurt my soul.

While I love sitting at my desk, in my teal colored office, with my himalayan salt lamp, crystals, two fur babies, the Electric Mayhem Bus and Bojack Horseman Pop all near by…

I know I started my business because I wanted to get away from the mundane and boring that a regular 9 to 5 was feeding me.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had few of my clients reach out to me about wanting to move web hosts. Many have been having a poor experience with their current web host and wanted to make sure that their web site had the best home possible.

Here’s a few things I’ve shared with my clients and want to share with you on the signs that it might be time to leave your current web host.

Yesterday, I was enjoying the day with my step-son as he went to get his first car.  It’s been a big few months since he moved back in with us, he got his driver’s license and now he’s purchased his first car.

While I was enjoying the day and being so very thankful to have a business that allows me this flexibility, I had no clue that Facebook was down and unavailable for the majority of the planet.

This morning, as I did a quick scroll through Facebook to see all the messages and memes of “How did you survive?” or “Marked Safe”, it got me thinking….

Last week, I had so many intentions to get things done, but you want to know what happened?

Not much.

I’ve been feeling stuck and full of resistance to my business and well everything.  

This doesn’t mean that I’m not doing the work or helping my clients, but anything that could kind of be considered optional hasn’t been done (including emailing you).

But here’s what I’ve observed…

WordPress Security is Important

One common issue I see with my clients and when I’m setting up my Geek In Your Pocket clients is the lack of security on their websites.

Much of this is because you don’t know what you don’t know and as easy as WordPress can be to use, it’s just as easy to fall into the idea that installing a plugin will keep everything secure.

The team at WP Fixit shares this about WordPress….

WordPress is a secure content management system with strong defenses, but it needs help. And to help, you need to be aware of the risks faced by your WordPress site. Once you understand the risks, it is easier to understand the part you play in keeping your site, its users, and its data out of the hands of criminals.

Source: WP Fixit

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