A Well Maintained Site Is the First Line of Defense & Protection

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You have better things to do than figure out what’s wrong with your website….

Getting your own Geek in Your Pocket will free you up to do what you do best, shine for your clients.  You don’t need to have your head inside your website, you need your own Geek in Your Pocket!

Any of this sound like you?

  • You need some help every month with your website or techie tasks​

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  • You want to have someone you can call on when you need it to help manage your self-hosted WordPress site

  • You know keeping your website healthy and well maintained is important

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Hi! I’m Renee, The Resident Geek Here

I created my Geek in Your Pocket Service, because I found so many website owners struggling to keep up with the maintenance and security of their websites.

I believe that maintaining your website doesn’t have to overwhelming or unfriendly to your budget.  You can have a geek in your pocket that will keep your WordPress website updated and protected at a reasonable price.

My mission is show you how to become a empowered website owner, powered with the tools and support to keep your website in tip top shape and the best way to do that is with my Geek in Your Pocket.

You’re ready, I can feel it and I’d love to be your resident geek!

Let’s get geeky together!

Discover the Possibilities of Having Your Own Geek In Your Pocket

Geek In Your Pocket Service

Get a Geek In Your Pocket

My Geek In Your Pocket Service makes managing your website a breeze.  My monthly set it and forget service will handle all of your regular WordPress updates & you also have your Geek on call when you need more support.

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WordPress Speed Up Service

WordPress Running Slow?

Today, your site needs to run fast!  This is a non negotiable but figuring out what to do to have a fast running site is technical a challenge.  My WordPress Speed Up is a full review and technical overview to ensure your website is fast.

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Technical consultation with Renee

Technical Consultation

  My technical consultations give you the chance to ask me anything and pick my brain.  If you’re needing someone to brainstorm with that understands marketing & knows the tools to make it all happen, then you need to book your call!

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Recently, I’ve written about

WordPress Security is Important

WordPress Security Needs to be a Top Priority

One common issue I see with my clients and when I’m setting up my Geek In Your Pocket clients is the lack of security on their websites.

Much of this is because you don’t know what you don’t know and as easy as WordPress can be to use, it’s just as easy to fall into the idea that installing a plugin will keep everything secure.

The team at WP Fixit shares this about WordPress….

WordPress is a secure content management system with strong defenses, but it needs help. And to help, you need to be aware of the risks faced by your WordPress site. Once you understand the risks, it is easier to understand the part you play in keeping your site, its users, and its data out of the hands of criminals.

Source: WP Fixit

Happy New Year, Reflection on 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome new subscribers to my community and I look forward to sharing and getting to know you in 2019. Those of you who have been here for a while, I’m so very thankful that you’re here and I look eager to help you maintain a website that fits your goals!

This is the prime time of year that many of us are planning and thinking about how we want to see 2019 become. For many years, I just dived into planning for the year and then found myself getting distracted or even bored with what I was doing and I never met my goals I had initially set for myself.

This year feels different for me.

A cautionary tale

Today I want to share a story, I’m calling it a cautionary tale of going viral.

Imagine if you will...

You have created some amazing content on your site, the title of the blog post is intriguing and really entices folks to click through and the graphics you created to share on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the best you’ve created.

During your regular check in with Google Analytics you see a spike in your traffic, you dig a little deeper and discover that it’s gone viral – well at least for you!  You are excited and then the worst thing happens

You got to check the PIN that’s bring the traffic and you click through to your site to see something similar to…


A Well Maintained Site Is the First Line of Defense & Protection

Get my FREE training, 5 Days to A Better Maintained Website Now

Get my FREE Website Maintenance Training