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Hello, I’m Renee.

I’m here to help you make sense of WordPress, plus how to get more visitors to turn into raving fans by better understanding their experience on your website.

It’s not so much the traffic you get, but what you do with that traffic. Let’s get to it!

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Just want to say that Renee Shupe is one amazing lady. I’ve been frustrated with the technical minefield of setting up an online product for the last two weeks.

She gave me some great recommendations which will NO Doubt save me stacks of time and money!

Thank you dear lady, you’re bloomin’ awesome!

Chinmayi Dore
Author Mentor and Teacher

Cara Lynn Garvock
Blueboat Social Marketing

I had been agonizing for days over the implementation of an e-commerce plugin when I threw my hands in the air and gave up!

Luckily I found Renee, who not only calmed me down but made feel confident she knew what she was doing.

In the future I’ll skip the agony and go straight to Renee.

I love your emails, Renee…

you make Google “non-sense” make sense!

Sameera Ali
Digital Media Specialist

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