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A question for the ages...

published12 days ago
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Email is dead.

Okay, before you hit your reply button and tell me that I'm being a tad dramatic, let me explain.

I've been using email to create a community for years now, I didn't start an email list when I first launched my business but it wasn't too long before I came to realize that email is the best way to connect and get personal.

So when I say that it's a question for the ages, you could agree at least in modern terms.

Here's the the thing, every so often some "guru" often a "bro marketing" type comes along and declares that email is dead and there's no value in spending your time creating a email list and that you should build your audience or community on "insert trendy social platform here"


I so disagree.

I believe that you can use any social platform to build awareness and get those viewers to take action and get on your email list.

As I shared in yesterday's email there are 4 key elements to building your business online and to support them all you need email at the foundation of all it.

Email gives you the one on one attention, there's no side bar for distractions or more comments, or more notifications.

It's just you and me.

Where I'm sharing something I find interesting and I hope you find interesting as well.

That's why I'm so excited for Rob & Kennedy's upcoming Inbox 2022.

The have brought together some pretty cool presentations where the presenters will be sharing such things as

  • Making Superfans and Super Sales from The Replies You Get
  • How to Scale Email Performance
  • How To Buy An Online Business & Email List To Scale Your Business
  • You… but funny - how to unleash your inner comedian and write emails your subscribers LOVE

Sound like it’s for you?

Click here to register your free ticket and join me.

See you there,


PS. This whole event is being run by my email coaches Rob & Kennedy and, along with a host of other brilliant speakers, who will be sharing the secrets to make email marketing really work for you, in 2022 and beyond.