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All the feels...

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Note: I almost didn't send this email, as it's a departure from my usual writing. I'm exploring sharing more of everything, which will include what's happening, my thoughts on things, digital online business, marketing, tools and more. I'm complex and have lots of interests, just like I'm sure you do too. Let me know your thoughts.


I don't know about you, but I'm feeling the weight of the world the last few days.

While I know there is so much good in the world, sometimes you can't avoid the angry heavy stuff.

Yesterday & today I'm feeling all the feels.

My weekend away was fabulous, but yesterday I can tell you that my day was not productive nor was I very focused on what I wanted to accomplish, but instead of beating myself up about it.

I took a break.

I stepped away from my computer, caught up on the last few episodes of Top Chef (Congratulations Buddha!) and opened up my Happy Color app on my tablet and colored for a bit.

So if you're feeling it all right now, here's a few tips that might help you:

Sit Under a Tree
The natural world does wonders for mood and mindset, and nature offers a brief respite from the current reality of our uncertain world. Nature is resilient, cyclical, and serves as a reminder of possibility and hope through its ability to repair and renew. Trees in particular can serve as a metaphor for strength, grounding, and safety. When you feel the heaviness of the world try sitting under a big tree and you’ll find that you feel sheltered, connected, and lighter in mind and spirit. Add a little nature therapy by touching the trunk of the tree, mindfully looking at its leaves, and physically leaning on it for added benefit. (source)

Stop Reading the Comments
If you spend anytime on any social media platform you'll find everyone has an opinion. Stepping away from social media has helped me to manage my energy, thoughts and any anxiety that was coming up because what is happening on these platforms. Even though the majority of my feed was filled with goodness and friends sharing what was happening in their lives, I learned that for me it was a temptation and time waster that I now longer needed.

Give Yourself Permission to Rest
When things are heavy or you're feeling like you just can't accomplish what you set out to do. Taking a break and truly resting is often what is needed. When you are tired, give yourself permission to rest. Because life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Meet yourself where you are at, in this moment. Know it's okay to step away, adjust and make changes if it feels like that is what you need.

It's okay, and it will be okay.

'til next time!

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