Hi! I'm Renee


publishedabout 2 months ago
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I launched the first version of my business in 2008, I left the corporate world and hung out my shingle as a virtual assistant.

It was a new industry at the time so finding clients had it's challenges, but I quickly discovered that instead of working for one boss I was spending my time juggling too many clients.

I struggled with boundaries, with saying no and setting the rules for myself that worked for me.


I did discover that my clients needed more technical help from me and I transitioned from being a virtual assistant to offering website design & development, plus technical support for my clients


I discovered that even though I had different clients I was still spending too much time in other people's businesses, answering too many emails and working way too many hours


I did discover that when I had the chance to troubleshoot an issue on a client site, I was having fun! I enjoyed the "mechanic" side of my business way more than I did the website creation and development projects.

So in 2017 I signed my first Geek in Your Pocket client with my website maintenance and security service, that is now my Protection Plans.

You see no matter where you are in your business journey, you're likely going to evolve and shift your focus many times.

It's what is so awesome to me about being the creator of your own life and business.

I've created my business based on what's important to me, my values of freedom, simplicity, fun, curiosity and kindness.

and you can too.

'til next time!

PS: If you'd like to learn more about my Protection Plans and your ready to get the technical stuff of your plate. Hit reply and lets start a conversation.