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Coming to an end...

published2 months ago
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Everything in life comes to an end.

It's a little bit of grim thought, but it is reality. While not devastating if you miss out, but the Boost Your Business Bundle closes today.

You'll still have time to browse all the amazing products available shop and "purchase" for a few weeks, but getting access to all the amazing products ends today.

But back to the end...

I was thinking about how this happens in business.

Earlier this week as I was connecting with other business owners sharing their amazing products in Boost Your Business Bundle.

During those conversations I was sharing my story on the evolution of my business...

I launched the first iteration of my business in 2008 and my motivation was because I was jealous (story for another day).

Then my business evolved from offering virtual assistance to a boutique WordPress design and development agency and...

In 2017 that evolved again to what you know now as Geek in Your Pocket, providing website maintenance and security services for tech hesitant business owners.

Eventually all things come to an end...

My virtual assistance business...

My boutique WordPress design and development agency

And sometime so will Geek in Your Pocket.

It's just how things go and as business owner I love the endings. It shows my growth and development.

I'm also able to take those endings and evolve it into something new.

Creating a lifestyle business and enjoying the journey all adds to my curious nature and development as a person.

What about you? How do you feel about endings? I'd love to hear from you, hit reply and let's chat.

'til next time!

PS: I'd be remiss is not reminding you again that the Boost Your Business Bundle sign up period is wrapping up today.

Be sure to claim your access before you go to bed tonight, then take some time next week to browse through the amazing products available.