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I couldn't wait until tomorrow....

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Hey, hey...

Hubbie and I just got back from our extended weekend at a friends cabin and while we were on the drive home a few things popped into my inbox that I knew I just wanted to share with you right away, mostly because there's a few deadlines on them.

The Boost Your Business Bundle event wraps up today, BUT you have until Friday for to gather up the goodies you want. So if you had planned on signing up, but got business now is the time to jump in.

INBOX 2022 starts tomorrow. I'm super excited about this event, it's being hosted by my email coaches Rob & Kennedy (fun fact one is a magician and the other a hypnotist), the always provide amazing value and I expect this event to be just the same.

Grab your free ticket right away (and grab the fact action bonus if you don't think you can make all the events live).

Angela Wills has rocked affliate marketing for as long as I've know her and she's sharing all of her secrets in her Affiliate Marketing Winner.

If you're looking for a pretty low effort way to bring in some extra cashflow to your business then this course will help you get there! Check it all out here.

Last thing I wanted to share. Leonie Dawson is having a short 3-day sale on 3 of her most popular programs. You can save 50% on and get each of them for less than $100 each.

I have only taken the Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income course and got so much value from it, through one exercise I was able to my investment back. Here's the links to each of the courses, so you can check them out..

Okay, that's it for today, now I'm going back to my tablet and little bit of Happy Coloring (<< Love this app!)

'til next time!