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Not the morning I expected

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Woke up this morning with the a plan I reviewed last night.

I knew what I needed to get done, then...

Discovered our internet was down, ugh

Might need to shift my work time to the local coffeeshop

Went down to reboot the router - just in case that is all it was and discovered...

With all the rain we've been having we had a small flood in basement - not a huge flood but now we need to call the landlord to come deal with that


I got a FB message from the person that is coming to purchase a computer of mine that they can't come by until around 3pm.


I need to run to the bank...

And, and, and...

I'm sure you can relate.

Sometimes things just don't really go as we planned and that's when we need to have a process in place that let's pivot and adjust as we need.

I recently read about the idea of having two to-do lists for your day...

Your bare minimum list - you know those tasks that will make your day a win. Could be as simple as getting up and getting dressed (win!) or it could be like me - get my email written (crossing that off, LOL!)

Your I'm killing it list - this is the one you can turn to if you've rocked yoru bare minimum list out of the park and you're ready to rock and roll on to the next thing.

You don't necessarily need to call them that or even actually have two lists, but starring, bolding, or setting a priority for the bare minimum makes sense.

Tackle those tasks first and then assess the day and keep moving forward.

As my husband said this morning, "there's always something" and when you have others to add into the mix, like kids, elderly parents etc there will always be something.

Having days like this is one of the reasons my clients love my service. They never have to think about their website.

Just like Stephanie G., who shared this with me:

"So awesome to have someone taking care of that kind of stuff. The tech side is really not my thing but I can sleep well every night thanks to Renee! No matter what’s going, I know my site is in good hands."

It's when we have those crazy days, weeks or even months that having someone take care of your website to ensure everything is secure, and kept up to date makes it extra valuable.

If you're ready to get the tech off your plate, then sign up for a Protection Plan that suits you.

'til next time!

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