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Peace of mind

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Yesterday I had a follow up call with a client that purchased my WordPress Boost Package

She told me she was so happy to login into her WordPress site, saw their were updates to be done and thought to herself...

"I don't have to think about that, Renee's handling it"

I love hearing this from my clients, because I know I've freed up time and more importantly brain space so they can go on and do what they do best.

For all of my services I offer 1 to 2 months of complimentary Protection Plan service so they can experience what it feels like to never need worry about their website or think about an update again.

I hear from my clients that it gives them peace of mind knowing that I’m here when they need me and that they don't need to worry about their website updates, backups and even the hosting.

Here's something I know...

You didn’t start your business to spend time updating, maintaining & trying to figure out all the tech…

But I did.

Try out my Geek in Your Pocket Protection Plan and get your first month for half price.

How much is your peace of mind worth?

'til next time!

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