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Sunday Downloads - June 12, 2022

published2 months ago
1 min read

I made it home on Thursday, other than needing to be at the airport 3 hours ahead it was smooth sailing. While I love visiting my Mom, I certianly don't miss the crazy "busyness" of the area and I forgot how grey it can get when it rains on the west coast!

Happy to be home and I've been enjoying my buffer time before jumping in to planning my week tomorrow.

There's a few exciting things happening this week that I want to share, along with a few other interesting finds.

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Random Goodness:

I've been reading this book from Jennifer Louden and I'm loving it! If you've been feeling a bit of "why bother" then this book is for you.

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I'm loving this newsletter

I'm getting the Wanda eyeglasses from here. I totally LOVE the concept!

Tools I’m loving

I've been thinking about a new community idea for my subscribers (different than the tech I talk about now) and I'm liking the look of this tool.

If you think in short thoughts, like post-it notes and like to be able to mix up, blend and connect your notes you might really like this new tool, xTiles

If you're looking for a digital bullet journal option, you might like this option.

Products that help

I have two products in the Boost Your Business bundle, but you may find a product or two in the BC Stack Bundle this year as well and it's a great value!

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'til next time!

PS: Let me know what you think of this format, I'm just working through what format I like and ways I can share more with you each week.

PPS: I'd still love your feedback