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Sunday Downloads - June 26, 2022

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Today, we're hanging out at a friends cabin, just the hubbie, myself and my fur baby Fozzie. We're lucky to have a friend that has a cabina few hours away and we can use just about anytime we want. NICE!

We're taking a few days to unwind, especially after my trip to visit my Mom and the craziness of where she lives just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Rick had a BIG interview for a job he really wants, it's a promotion he gets it. We're hoping to hear next week if he got the job or not.

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Random Goodness

Are you good enough. An interesting article from Brennan Dunn, while you're there sign up for his newsletter. His content is great & if you're wanting to learn more about using automation he's a great resource.

12 things to remember when you're feeling overwhelmed

Helpful guide on how to use WordPress Block Patterns on your website.

This video spoke to all the reasons why I'm minimizing my consumption on any social media platform.

Tools & Resources I'm Loving

This Quick Start Video guide by Cindy Bidar, would be a great compliment if you're planning on using video in your marketing plans. Get it today before the price doubles! It's under $10 right now.

Do you want to get more exposure by writing on Medium? This resource has listings of more than 1500 different publications you can submit your work to. (I'll be using the resource when I start my focus on Medium)

This resource is kind of like the one above, but focused on Podcasts.

Products that help

My Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist can make updating your website easier.

WP Essentials partners well with my Easy Peasy Checklist

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