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publishedabout 2 months ago
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I recently learned that today is Duran Duran appreciation day and it was created by a fan on his birthday to celebrate the band Duran Duran.

Back in the day, I was a Duranie. I would save up my allowance and buy any magazine that have articles or photos about the band. One Christmas I asked for a big photo album so I could add in all of my Duran Duran images and articles. I spent hours organizing that photo album.

I'm still a fan today and if they ever come close to me on a tour I alwasy buy tickets.

It's that kind of loyalty you can build with your email list. No longer do we need to search out magazines or radio interviews to keep up with those we like and admire.

Today, it's not only Duran Duran appreciation day, but love my list day.

Whether you found me through a bundle, giveaway event or just by chance, thank you for being here.

I appreciate you.

I'm participating in the August cohort of Ship 30 for 30 it's a program to help you become a digital writer so you can reach more people and more of an impact.

One of the first steps I did in the onboarding process was join, it's their own software where you can write your Atomic Essays and then share them to Twitter, Medium and Linkedin.

But because I love writing to you, I'll also be sharing some of the atomic essays I create, right here.

What's something that you appreciate? I'd love to know, hit reply and share.

'til next time!

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