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Currently my services focus around helping you with your WordPress website.  Below is a quick summary of some of the ways I can help you.  Be sure to click on the learn more button to dive deeper or you can get in touch to book a consultation call to see how I can help you.

Quick Fix WordPress Solutions

I can tackle most tasks around your WordPress website, so if something isn’t working right on your site.  Get in touch to see how I can help.  My Quick Fix tasks start at $147 US, but I am happy to provide a quote if you have a number of things that need a quick fix.

Here’s a few of the most common tasks I’ve recently done for my clients

Fix the Permalink structure

Does your current URL include the dates and you’d like to remove it? I can help you fix it quickly and correctly.  I will change the URL and ensure that all of your URLs redirect correctly so you don’t have the dreaded 404 error.

Change domains

Did you just grab any domain when you first started and now you’re ready to re-brand?  Let me handle the technical bits for you.  I change out your old domain for your new one and make sure that the old domain is redirecting to your new one so you don’t lose any links.

Migrate a website from Bluehost to another web host

Done with Bluehost, ready to move to a new site but overwhelmed by the process?  I can handle it all and make sure the EVERYTHING is transferred correctly.  Yes often your new webhost will do it for you, but I’ve seen it happen too many times where certain steps are missed.

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Ongoing WordPress Support & Management

I provide two levels of ongoing WordPress support and management.

My service ensures that your site is maintained and kept up to date as well as having regular back ups done on the site, so if we do have to do any need to restore your site we have backups to perform this.

This is great for you if:
  • You need some help every month with your website or techie things
  • You don’t have the time or knowledge or desire to keep your website updated or secure
  • You are concerned about getting hacked or losing your entire website because of hackers
  • You’re ready to stop worrying about WordPress and focus on your biz
  • You need someone on call to manage your self-hosted WordPress website
  • Keeping your website healthy and maintained is important for your business

Geek in Residence

I offer a Geek In Residence which is my full featured, high touch premium service which includes 30 minutes of tech support and 30 minutes of tech consulting each month.

My Geek In Residence service starts at $200 US per month

Check out Geek in Resident >>

Geek in Your Pocket

If you’re still newish to your online business, or like a good mix of DIY and Tech Support, my Geek in Your Pocket would be ideal.

The Geek in Your Pocket Service is $37 US per month and you can cancel at any time.

Check out Geek in Your Pocket >>