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Welcome to my site, I'm Renee and I'm here to help you.  

I teach WordPress.  

A simple set of three words that actually bring with it a whole lot more.  WordPress will become the foundation of your online business.  It's the structure that will bring together all of your ideas.  No matter how big your dream, or what your financial goal might be WordPress is the foundation you'll need to make it all happen.

Who will get the most benefit from this site?

If you're a new to this online world and you're look for resources to help you get started the right way, you found a home.

If you've been working on building your online business for a few months or even a few years you'll find resources on improving your current website including topics about SEO, traffic, monetization and even email marketing​.

If you're looking for help on the technical aspects of WordPress I have you covered.  I share tutorials and trainings about WordPress itself, plugins, and even ways to improve your site to make it run more efficiently.​

Here are a few of my more popular articles:

Where are you in your blogging and WordPress Journey?

Stage 1: I'm researching & haven't yet launched my site

Stage 2: I'm Ready to Launch My Site - Need the next steps

Stage 3: I've launched! But now what?

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I am asked often which plugins would be the best to use on any WordPress site.  I've created a list that provides details of each of the plugins I currently recommend and you can get access to this list by clicking the "Get the Plugins Now" below.