Yahoo! Totally freakin' awesome that you landed here!

I kinda knew you would...

You see I've been working online since 2008 and if you don't know that's a LIFETIME in internet terms.

So the reality is, your totally cray-cray thought that you could maybe start a blog or a business online isn't so outrageous.

Yes! You can build a thriving, profitable and successful business online that fits your lifestyle and your goals.  I'm proof it can work.

In the time I've been working online, I've worked with clients making tiny (yet mighty) sums of money to businesses that were rockin' in the 7 figure range. But I've stepped back from that idea of making those "too good to be true" on very little time dreams.

Because the reality is it's likely you're like me.  Someone who wants to contribute to the household, give a little extra into the savings, have the freedom to live how you choose where you choose and be able to serve others so they too can succeed.

I don't knock the folks who wish and dream to bring in multiple 6+ figures for their business, but with that comes a bunch of other challenges which I've decided I don't need.

I love, Yes L.O.V.E, doing what I do.

You'll want to hang out with me...

  • If you're new to this online world and just want to make sense of everything that's available, be sure to check out my Before You Launch, Launch & After You Launch series to help you get started.
  • Because maybe you're a woman rockin' with the family and you want a way to connect and share what you have with the world in a flexible, adaptable way that gives you freedom to be with your kids
  • Because maybe you're a woman rockin' the second phase of your life and while you've got yourself organized for the years to come you want something that's flexible and adaptable so you can enjoy your life just a little bit more

My Philosophy

I've been there done that in terms of the kinds of businesses I've supported in the 9ish years I've been working online. From the multi-multi figure business owners to the tiny business owners just wanting to get their vision out into the world.

Now, I'm ready for simple.

So that's why I'm focusing on The Essentials.  Sharing with you the tips, technology and applications that will help you Discover, Nurture & Profit from your business.

How I can help you

In so, so many ways....ok that's a bit cheeky but with my experience comes a ton of knowledge that I want to share with you.

If you're totally brand new I encourage you to jump on in and get your access to my resource library.  There's lots of pretty sweet content there from list building, website tips, swipe files and more.

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