Staying Small. It’s not what you think.

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The title might have you thinking I’m going to be talking about how staying small can hinder growth, when in fact it’s just the opposite.

For months, dare I say years, I’ve been thinking something hasn’t been quite right with my business and where I wanted to go next.

You see earlier this year I completed a program (I got a certificate & everything) but the business model they encouraged in that program was to go bigger.  Charge big rates, work with corporations or the types of businesses that will pay those rates.  I was excited (initially) thinking about all of the dollar signs and how much I was going to be able to hand over to my team as I grew and then….

My heart sank and a heavy feeling washed over me

It all just felt wrong.  Not at all what I wanted.

Now don’t get me wrong, that program was worth it’s weight in gold for two reasons.  I experienced exactly how to deliver a product or service with class, this program excelled beyond any of my expectations and I learned what wasn’t right for me.

Using this spreadsheet, I really got clear on how I can create a business that I’m still in love with, doing the things I truly enjoy and be profitable all without breaking my neck or giving up on my purpose or ideals.

There’s still work to be done, but I’m staying small because I choose to.

I don’t want the burden having to manage too large a team (maybe a VA or two).  I don’t need to have the pressure of creating high end products or services that don’t really serve my clients.

You see I’m here to provide solutions for the tiny business owner.  The one who chooses to stay small and be a DIYer.  The one who enjoys the process of running a business completely on their terms without the added responsibility of providing for someone else.

I’m tiny on purpose and if that feels right for you too, then you should be tiny on purpose.

e. f. schumacher quote

In my desire to stay small I have learned that I need to….

  • Get out of my head
  • Find the right communities for my introverted soul
  • Stop thinking I should be doing something because others are doing it that way

Staying small allows me to…

  1. Stick with what works for me – hello Bullet Journal!
  2. Use the tools I love in a way that works for me without complicating the process
  3. Connect and work with the clients I absolutely adore and who I KNOW I can help
  4. Create programs that are approachable and will give you the essentials to run your business, without all the shoulds

This time of year usually encourages assessment, to look at what’s working and what needs to change. To make plans for 2017 and in the time we have left I encourage you to do just that. Really think about what’s right for you and then start working on a plan to make that happen.


What you can expect for the balance of 2016…

I’ll share between now and the end of the year what I’m doing to prepare for 2017 and will share my blog posts as I write them.

So stay tuned, I’m not going anywhere just adjusting…

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