Do you suffer from Entrepreneur Fatigue Syndrome?

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Today it happened.  I hit a wall, I was doing so many things to keep moving in my business…

answering emails, following up with clients, writing a blog post, coaching clients in my Awesome Business Community, pulling together some training, planning for my upcoming signature program in the fall and on and on….

If you’re a solo business owner, I’m sure you can related to everything that needs to get done in your business and for many of us we want to be everything in our business.  You know, the assistant, the techie, the receptionist, the CEO, the Marketing Department etc…

then it happens – it just doesn’t seem possible that you could do any more. You know you’re suffering form Entrepreneur Fatigue Syndrome if you KNOW there’s lots you “COULD” be doing in your business, but you just simple don’t have the strength or energy to even think of one more thing in your business.

This was me today and then the universe provided a reminder right when I needed it, Christine Capone, one of the amazing members of the Awesome Business Community shared, ‘It’s OK to Live Your Life’ (watch the video here) and it I realized that everything I think is must get done today can wait, it can wait until tomorrow or the next day.

What suffering from Entrepreneur Fatigue Syndrome can really mean….

You’ve strayed from your ultimate purpose in your business.  Your big why, the true and big reason you’re in business in the first place.

And if this is the case it’s time to reassess what you’re doing and figuring out what you should to do to get back on track.

Here’s what I’m doing…

Taking a break, I’ve been working a whole bunch lately but I don’t necessarily need to be working as many hours as I have because if I keep focused on my big why, I’ll be more productive.

My Big Why

I’m in business to help as many micro business owners create a sustainable business that nourishes their soul + supports their family, while giving them the freedom to be.

While I know there’s LOTS I could be doing right now, tomorrow and beyond, my brain and body need a break.  As entrepreneurs we often get so consumed with our businesses that we forget about everything else.  So I’m taking a break, after all, the work will still be there when I get back.

Getting back to what works.  I started a process of keeping track of tasks, projects and ideas I have for my business and this month I’ve strayed from what was working.  So now it’s time to get back on track and refocused.

What about you, do recognize when you’re suffering from entrepreneur fatigue syndrome?  If so, share in the comments what are some of the things you see as a symptom and what you do to cure it.

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