25% Increase In Email Subscribers Using Thrive Leads – A Review

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Savvy marketers know the power of mailing lists. This is because a mailing list gives you immediate traffic and access to repeat sales. In fact, my subscribers make up at least 90% of my income each and every year.

Marketing studies show that, on average, 50%-80% of visitors to your site who leave will never return.

That’s a lot of money to be leaving behind. Marketing research also shows that it takes an average of seven interactions with your business before prospects will make a purchase decision.

It’s vitally important, therefore, to find a strategy that will help you interact repeatedly with site visitors. How can you do this, if most visitors never return?

The answer is to get visitors to give you their details while they’re still on your website or blog, so you can keep in touch after they leave your website.

Building a list is an essential aspect of building a successful online business. A great mailing list has the potential to become your most powerful online source of profit.

Thrive Leads - WordPress Faster Mail List-Building Plugin

If you sell one or more products on your website, or your business relies on traffic, then building a list is essential, because it is the key to repeat visitors and building a relationship.

Thrive Leads - WP List-Building Plugin

There are many ways and effective strategies to build an email list, but until recently, it was very hard to find an easy-to-use solution that gives users access to almost, if not all of the most effective methods available to capture email addresses on your website.

I use a plugin, that I love, converts amazing.  In fact since I started using Thrive Leads I’ve seen an 50% increase in the number of people who choose to optin.

This post does include affiliate links, which simply means that I receive a bit of cash if you decide to purchase this plugin using my link.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra but helps to feed my Starbucks needs.

Thrive Leads – Mailing List Builder For WordPress

Thrive Leads - List-Building Plugin For WordPress

What is Thrive Leads Anyway?

Thrive Leads mailing builder for WP could easily become the ultimate list-building plugin for WordPress. It lets you build a list of subscribers fast using many different types of opt-in forms, split-test different offers, boost your conversions, and get traffic on tap, without leaving your WordPress dashboard …

Thrive Leads - Mailing List-Building Plugin For Faster WP Mailing List Conversions

There are many ways and effective strategies to build a list of email subscribers, and almost all of these methods and strategies use opt-in forms.

What makes Thrive Leads different than all other solutions that allow you to collect email addresses is that Thrive Leads comes with some of the most effective conversion and list-building strategies already built-in.

Thrive Leads is developed by Thrive Themes, a conversion-focused WP theme developer. As such, the plugin was developed to help tiny business owners not just build a mailing list, but to build their mailing list faster.

Thrive Leads - Mailing Builder For Conversion-Focused WP Users

For more details, visit the plugin site here: Thrive Leads - WordPress Mail List-Building Plugin

Why would you want to use Thrive Leads?

Here are just some of the many benefits and advantages of using Thrive Leads to build a list of subscribers fast and get traffic on call on your web site:

  • It’s WordPress: Thrive Leads WordPress mailing list-building plugin eliminates the need to have multiple plugins installed. This not only reduces the possibility of problems resulting from plugin conflicts, but also keeps your site’s loading speed down.
  • Ready To Start Using In Minutes: Thrive Leads is very easy to install. Just upload it to your Plugins folder via your WP dashboard and activate.
  • Simple To Use: With Thrive Leads, you can easily set up one or more opt-in forms, use their pre-designed form templates and start collecting subscriber details. No technical skills or design skills are required at any point of the process.In order to get the most out of Thrive Leads, you will want to make use of the advanced targeting, testing and reporting features. If you are a complete beginner, allow 25-45 minutes to learn how to use all of the software’s functionality. Fortunately, ThriveThemes provides extensive training content, webinars as well as a dedicated support team that is available to help you sort out any problems you have.

Every Kind Of Form Your Business Will Ever Need: With Thrive Leads, you can begin to capture subscriber details using pre-designed templates, and every kind of opt-in form you will ever need.

Watch my video to get an idea of how I use it Thrive Leads, then read on to learn more about it


Buy Thrive Leads Now

Here’s just a few of the ways you can use Thrive Leads, you can use the plugin to add “pop-up” lightboxes …

Thrive Leads - List Builder For Conversion-Focused WP Users

Insert slide-in forms …

Thrive Leads - WP Mailing List Builder

You can use it to insert opt-in forms anywhere inside your content, or the top of your blog posts …

Thrive Leads - Mail List-Building Plugin For Faster WordPress Opt-In Form Conversions

Insert a subscription form into the sidebar widget menu …

Thrive Leads - Mailing Builder For Conversion-Focused WordPress Sites

You can add two-step opt-in links that open a lightbox when visitors click on a content link …

Thrive Leads - WP A/B Testing List-Building Plugin

And even add ribbon forms to your site that display at the top of the screen and remain “sticky” even while the visitor scrolls down the page …

Thrive Leads - WP Mailing Builder

As you can see, Thrive Leads combines every type of subscription form you need in one single WP plugin …

Thrive Leads - WP List-Building Plugin

And it gets better …

Thrive Leads provides many features to WordPress users. Here are just a few:

Fast And Easy To Install

 Ready to use in no time. As already mentioned, the plugin developer provides extensive training and tutorials, case studies, webinars, and a responsive support team. This software not only integrates every kind of opt-in form your business needs into a single plugin, as you’ve just seen, but it also lets you run all of your list-building campaigns directly from your own dashboard.

Built-In List Building Strategies For Optimal Conversions

Thrive Leads integrates all of the list-building strategies you need to maximize your conversions into one easy-to-use tool.

Design And Deploy

The plugin comes with dozens of professionally-designed and web optimized form templates that can be fully customized to suit your needs, letting you build conversion-boosting opt-in forms with no technical skills required.

Simple “point and click” technology and a drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily create, modify and customize your forms …

Thrive Leads - WordPress List Builder

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the fastest way to boost your conversion rates and accelerate the growth of your list.

Thrive Leads comes with a powerful A/B testing engine that allows you to easily test a whole range of variables, including the following:

A/B Test Multiple Designs And Content

Test Designs And Content

The plugin lets you test different designs and content, and provides a “set and forget” feature that lets you set the plugin to automatically eliminate the losing variations, and display only the highest converting campaigns after enough data has been gathered.

You just start your test and the plugin takes care of everything else, automatically helping you increase conversion rates over time.

A/B Test Multiple Opt-In Form Triggers

Test Multiple Opt-In Form Triggers

Thrive Leads lets you easily customize when and how your forms should display to visitors.

For example, you can set up:

  • Time-based triggers to display an offer on your screen after 1 minutes
  • Scroll-depth triggers where a message appears only after your visitor scrolls down at least 15% of the web page
  • Exit-intent triggers that can detect when someone is about to exit the page and presents them with a pop-up form.

Additionally, you can test if the form performs better when displayed instantly to visitors, or when a form animates into view (e.g. slide in). You can test all of these triggers against one another to further boost conversion rates.

Split-Test Form Types

A/B Test Multiple Form Types

Thrive Leads also lets you A/B test different form types. For example, you can test a lightbox pop-up vs a ribbon form to see which form type performs better for your business.

Split-Test Offers

Test Entirely Different Offers

The Thrive Leads plugin even lets you split-test completely different offers.

For example, you can connect different forms to different follow-up sequences to help you decide which campaign offers yield the best conversion results.

Not only does Thrive Leads give you enormous flexibility when it comes to split-testing your opt-in forms, but you can also easily duplicate any existing form – even make multiple copies of a form, then modify the element(s) you want to test and instantly start running your A/B split test again, and all of this can be done in just a few minutes.

Thrive Leads - WP Mail List-Building Plugin

Additional features of the Thrive Leads plugin include:

Smart Targeting Features

You can create hyper-targeted offers for your visitors with 3 advanced targeting levels (Easy, Advanced, Ultimate). You are given precise control over how you target your offers to make your offers highly relevant.

For example, you can create a “catch-all” offer to show on all posts and pages or only your blog posts, or define exactly where types of offers — even specific designs — will display across your entire website based on certain rules you set (e.g. a ribbon form on the Front Page only), including which categories, archive pages, etc. or, conversely, where to exclude forms from displaying on your site.

You can even create specific “content upgrade” offers for posts that receive the most long-term traffic. Use this feature to create hyper-targeted and extremely profitable lists.

You can even use different lists with different services and different forms.

Supports Advanced Lead Generation Form Features

Advanced form features supported include multiple fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Your forms and list marketing campaigns will look great on any device or screen size.

The plugin has also been tested for compatibility will all popular web browsers.

In-Depth Reporting

the Thrive Leads plugin gives you access to detailed reports that let you see exactly how your opt-ins and A/B tests are performing over time.

Plus, you have access to a “lead sources” report that shows you exactly where your most valuable traffic is coming from, allowing you to plan your campaigns to get highly qualified traffic from your best sources.

Thrive Leads - List Builder For Conversion-Focused WordPress Sites

Seamless Integration With All Major Autoresponders And Leading Email Marketing Solutions

If your autoresponder allows embedding of HTML forms then Thrive Leads with work seamlessly with your solution.

Plus, you can use different lists and different services with different forms, so you’re never tied to just one solution.

Thrive Leads - WP List-Building Plugin

As you can see, Thrive Leads gives you many opt-in testing capabilities that extend far beyond any other list-building software.

Plugin Support Is Helpful

Thrive Themes provides extensive training content, case studies and a responsive support team that is available to help answer any questions they may have.

The plugin interface provides video tutorials that explain exactly what you’re seeing and how to use the plugin. You can also access an extensive library of tutorials, training webinars, case studies and list building strategies, so you get a ton of help, training and support on how to get the most out of Thrive Leads.

The software is well-supported, and users get 1-year software upgrades with their purchase, backed by a no-risk, thirty day, 100% refund guarantee.

Plugin Price

The plugin is available in the following editions:

  • Single Site Edition – This edition lets you install & activate the plugin on one single site. All plugin features are included, and Free, unlimited updates, with 1 year of support included. Cost = $67.00.
  • Unlimited Sites Edition – The Unlimited Sites edition allows you to install & activate the plugin on unlimited sites that you own and operate. All features are included, and Free, unlimited updates, with 1 year of support included. Price = $97.00.
  • Agency License – This edition lets you install & activate the plugin on all domains that you own and operate, and on all of your client sites. Includes all plugin features, plus Free, unlimited updates, with 1 year of support included.. Price = $199.00.

Please Note: The cost to purchase this product depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. The above reflects the pricing at the time this article was written. This may not be the actual price set by the plugin developer when you visit the product website and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after purchasing.

Check the plugin’s website for the current price here: Thrive Leads – WordPress List-Building Plugin

Additional Plugin Tips

Even on an existing website with hundreds of posts, you can install Thrive Leads and use the targeting feature to retroactively show more relevant and higher-converting opt-in forms all across your entire website.

For a demo video of the plugin in action, including installation instructions and tutorials, FAQs, support helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the Thrive Leads website.

I Recommend

Building a list is an essential aspect of building a successful online business. When it comes to growing a targeted subscriber list, the only way to increase the speed your list grows is to continually run tests and find out what works best on your site. Thrive Leads makes a very powerful tool accessible to WordPress users without technical or cost barriers, such as requiring expert coding skills or expensive subscriptions.

With Thrive Leads, you have 100% control over exactly where and how your forms show to visitors, and the tools to increase your opt-in rates. There are other form plugins and solutions for list-building, but the main difference is that other list-building plugins are designed to focus more on functionality, such as enable the user to create and insert pop-up forms into their site. Thrive Leads starts with this kind of functionality, but the real focus of the plugin is on conversion optimization.

As Thrive Themes state on their website …

“It’s not just about helping you build your mailing list. It’s about helping you build your mailing list as fast as possible!”

Thrive Leads - List-Building Plugin For WP

For more information, visit the plugin website here: Thrive Leads – Mailing List Builder For Faster WP Subscriber List Conversions

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