Truth Time: What to do when it doesn’t feel right.

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As a solopreneur, it sometimes can be hard to keep things moving and trust that what you are doing is the right thing for you and your business. Some folks will say that it’s resistance you’re feeling, keep moving forward just push through.

Just push through……

Nope, it’s not resistance I’m feeling.

It’s what I now realize is that I’m not sticking to what’s right for me.  Keep reading to learn what’s been happening and where things are going…


Here’s the thing, it’s not that things are bad, far from it.

I so MANY  ideas for great content, challenges, giveaways and so much more flowing like crazy, but the ONE big thing that’s been sitting there for a long time, I’d say about 18 months or so is the idea of that “Signature” Product.  You know that one program that trumps them all, it’s the one you drive traffic to and all roads lead to this fabulous product.

Well, this idea keeps calling my name but in truth it’s just not sitting right because…and here’s the kicker….

I KNOW deep inside that the idea of one of THOSE signature programs that cost an arm and a leg, are only offered once year maybe twice a year is WHAT I SHOULD be doing.

Bleh – it just doesn’t sit right with me.

You see I want to HELP you, help you with your technical tidbits and get your small business working for you, not trying to sell you in to a big program that’s going to help you a bit.  My experience with the bigger programs is that they can overwhelm and send folks into a crazy tailspin.  So NOT WHAT I WANT FOR YOU.

This is what I know and what makes me happy every day in my business:

  1. Helping you past that crazy technical hurdle that’s keeping you stuck and not moving forward in your business – I do this through my Awesome Business Academy‘s Open Office Calls 7 my new 1 on 1 Quick shot sessions in the Academy as well as my 1 on 1 training and brainstorming calls
  2. Providing training that will help you jump over that technical hurdle that’s causing you to stay stuck in the mud and lose your momentum – I do this through my workshops and other trainings.

[Sidenote: Serendipity. this song started  playing while I worked on this post, you can find out which one here – yep my Spotify Account played that while I was writing this! Love, the universe connecting the dots!)

What does all this mean, as much as I’ve been talking about my Build an Awesome Business  program that I’m working on and will be offering this spring…

I’m ditching it!

Yep, it’s going out the virtual window as we speak!

Now, the funny thing is I already know what’s filling that spot and what will be right for me and right for the folks who join me on the journey.

Offering what I know…what does that mean…

I’m revamping and bringing back my WordPress course + a program on my absolute favorite theme – Headway (affiliate link).

Here’s what I know when it comes to creating a business online, you absolutely need three things to make things fly…

1. A Place to Call Home – This would be your website

2. A place for your fans to gather – this would be your email list

3. A way for folks to easily buy what you have to have offer – this would be a way to sell online

So, that’s where I should be focusing. This doesn’t mean that I don’t know a bunch of other stuff. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t help folks every day with other aspects of my business.

You can ask any of my clients, they all come to me because I help them get clarity on all of the different technical options available and what will work for them!


What can you do when it doesn’t feel right for you?

  • Ask yourself if it really is something that doesn’t feel right or is it resistance?  Are you just afraid of what could be on the other side but you know deep in your gut it’s still the right thing?  Then it’s resistance.  If on the other hand you know, deep within you that you’re feeling something that just isn’t sitting right and not matter what kind of work you do to move past it you’ll still feel the same way then it’s time to change directions.
  • Acknowledge that it’s not feeling right and acknowledge what does feel right – for me I knew deep within me that I have something bigger to offer but it’s just not in they way – the gurus – tell me it should be. It’s my business and I NEED to do what’s right.
  • Talk it through with someone, if you need to.  Sometimes it just takes a bit of contemplation, other times you need to have someone to really see what you’re feeling and give you clarity.

Remember – that no choice is wrong.

It’s ALWAYS the right decision at the time you make it and you can change direction any time.

One last thing, if you’re not clear if it’s resistance or something else, I strongly recommend the War of Art by Steven Pressfield – this book will help you figure it all out.

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