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Looks like we’re swinging right into the holiday season and the in America the malls will be jam packed with folks hoping to get that great deal for a Christmas present.  Now while I’m not a fan of the crazy shennaigans that happen in the malls across America I do like to save as much as the next guy.  So rather than hit the malls and if you’re not in the US, you’ll still have a chance to save.

I thought I’d share about the few things that I’m loving in my business right now and some of them will even have a limited time coupon for a chance to save! Yahoo! So if you see something on this list that you need in your business right now, then I’d love if it you used my links and save.  Do purchase something though just because you think it “might” be a good thing.  I’d much rather you save your money and use it on something you really need, k?

Here’s a few of my favorite things…

Headway — The Drag & Drop Theme For WordPressHeadway Themes

This is my GOTO theme and really it so much more than a theme, it gives you flexibility to create a custom look to each page or blog post if you wanted to really go crazy.

I use it in all of my development projects with clients, and I also use it for my own site.  You can learn more about Headway Themes here.  If you’re looking for a super adaptable, well created, WordPress friendly theme, that you can use for EVERYTHING then I highly recommend Headway Themes.  It does have a bit of a learning curve, but I find within time you’ll become a Headway creator and you’ll NEVER need to think about another them again.

Discover Headway Themes – Save 40% using coupon code “headway40”

Update: December 2016.  Headway Themes has been dealing with some financial issues (among other things) and I can no longer recommend this pretty awesome theme because of the instability of the product and I’m really not sure how much longer it will be around.  Check out My Favorite Things 2016 Edition to see what I recommend now.

Not yet ready for Headway, check out Elegant Themes – Try out a few themes for one great price. Discover Elegant Themes

WP Engine – Website Hosting

WP EngineI recently made the move to WP Engine and I love it.  I’ve notice that my site speed has improved in just the short time I’ve been with them, which in turns has more traffic sticking around lowering my bounce rate. All good things in the eye of the almighty Google Search algorithm.  I love the simplicity of moving my site when I migrated, the proprietary system them have made it a breeze to do.  WP Engine also makes it easier for someone creating a site from scratch to work on their site with an easy to use temporary web address.  You can tweak and test your site before making things live with their staging sites.

Since, WP Engine is focused on hosting WordPress sites (my love!) they have a support team that understands WordPress. They also scan your site and do regular back ups for you, saving you to use an additional plugin or service.  Now, they do monitor you site and have a few plugins that you can’t use on your WordPress site so I encourage you to check with them before you do to make sure everything you have on your site is going to play nice.

Get Your Web Hosting from WP Engine & Save 30% off your 1st Payment – Be sure to use coupon code, “CYBERWPE” to save

When you purchase a year’s worth of hosting you’ll save over $100!

BONUS: If you have decided you need a new web host and you sign up for WPEngine Hosting get in touch with me and I will handle the migration of your site from your current site to your new WP Engine account for FREE, but this offer is only valid with purchases made from Friday November 27, 2015 to November 30, 2015.  Simply provide a copy of your receipt to me buy email and I’ll get in touch for the rest of the details!


Another great alternative – SiteGround

Web HostingIf you’re not yet ready to invest in a service like WP Engine.  SiteGround is a great alternative.  While I don’t use the personally, I know many folks who do and they rave about them.  From Friday to Monday you can save up to 70% on your website hosting. NICE!

You can expect great support, a faster loading site (Making Google happy!), and no matter what type of site you have, Joomla, WordPress etc…you’ll be able to host with Siteground.

Check out Siteground and save this weekend, up to 70%

Drip – Email Marketing I Love

drip-logoI’ve been looking for ages for a service that was straightforward, awesome and easy to use in terms of email marketing automation and well Drip is it!  No special offers this Thanksgiving but worthy of this list. As they state on their site…

Email Marketing Automation That Doesn’t Suck.

The other things I’m loving about the service is that it’s helping me keep my emails simple, as the focus is on delivery not fancy graphics etc.  With 70% or so of emails being read on a mobile device they way of having image filled emails is changing and this service helps remind you of that! I’ve been using them now for about 2 months and I’m loving the service more and more.  There is some elements of it that can be a bit techinical but their customer service has been stellar and the have a very help knowledge base that has helped me a few times.

Definitely one of my favs of 2015!

Check out Drip Now.

Are you ready to create your Shining 2016?

This time of year gets me all excited (and a bit distracted!), but I do have a super crush on planners and paper products.  I use an ARC Binder for everyday notes and thoughts, but when it comes to laying out my year there’s been one set of planners that I’ve turned to for the past 4 years and this year I splurged and purchase the hard copy versions of her bundle and super excited to work through them.

Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Workbooks are a creative, lush, soulful way to work through your plans for the coming year and they also give you a chance to close out 2015 with grace.  The books a part creative, fun and part particle get down to business.  It’s what I love about them, they embrace the wacky fun side of my life and still let me be the logical, technical person I am.

You can get started for as little as $10!  How amazing is that.  These are a can’t miss!

Discover the power of the Shining Workbooks Now


Is A Geek in Your Pocket Right For You?

I created my Geek in Your Pocket Service, because I found so many website owners struggling to keep up with the maintenance and security of their websites.

I believe that maintaining your website doesn’t have to be overwhelming or unfriendly to your budget.  You can have a geek in your pocket that will keep your WordPress website updated and protected at a reasonable price.

My mission is show you how to become a empowered website owner, powered with the tools and support to keep your website in tip top shape and the best way to do that is with my Geek in Your Pocket.

You’re ready, I can feel it and I’d love to be your resident geek!

Discover Your Geek in Your Pocket Now >>

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