What Would Happen to Your Business if Facebook Disappeared?

Yesterday, I was enjoying the day with my step-son as he went to get his first car.  It’s been a big few months since he moved back in with us, he got his driver’s license and now he’s purchased his first car.

While I was enjoying the day and being so very thankful to have a business that allows me this flexibility, I had no clue that Facebook was down and unavailable for the majority of the planet.

This morning, as I did a quick scroll through Facebook to see all the messages and memes of “How did you survive?” or “Marked Safe”, it got me thinking….

What would happen to my business if Facebook decided to close it’s doors and shutdown?

For me, it wouldn’t have much an effect.  While I do love connecting with people in Facebook groups, it’s certainly not a main driver of how I get my customer or clients.

But what about you?  How do you get more of your customers or clients?  Do you rely heavily on Facebook, Instagram or some other form of social media to find your clients?

It’s important for all of us as business owners to focus on the platforms that give us the most control, like email marketing and hosting our own website.

Could those disappear? Of course they can, but if you have the right back up systems in place, you maybe set back briefly but you can still step up and get started again.

If Facebook or any other third party platform closes you down, or goes offline it doesn’t matter how many followers or likes you have you have lost all of it.

I tell my clients, you should always be driving your audience back to your own home of the web and it doesn’t need to be fancy it just needs to be yours.

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