I’m so busy and other lame excuses

I’m so busy and other lame excuses

I was going to write this just to my awesome email posse, but it’s really a bigger issue that needs to be shared with everyone. It’s something I’ve been seeing too much of lately (myself included).

What’s your excuse?

Admit it, we have all used an excuse to get out of doing something. Whether it be helping out with something at work, or in our personal lives. We say we’re too busy, or I have a sick kid at home. I don’t have time, I just can’t do it. I don’t know how….

All excuses

I hear it from my clients, especially new clients that come to me because they’re stuck.

The “don’t” know how to do something, they’ve given up because they can’t figure it out.

If I could get a buck for every time I’ve heard from new and potential clients…

My website has been the same since 2008 because I “don’t have the time” to figure out something new.

Truth time…

It’s not important enough. (Ouch!)

If it was you wouldn’t have an excuse, you’d just get it done.

Stop using someone else’s reason for not getting your stuff out there, because you’re too busy, or you don’t have enough time.

You have the time & you’re not too busy. If it’s important enough.

Here’s some ways to keep moving even if you don’t “think” it’s possible.

  • Ask for help — Yep, sometimes just asking for help and talking it out is enough to get you past the crazy and useless excuse to get you moving again.
  • Do some extra research — Go hang out on Google or Youtube do some searching and see what you find. Often it’s enough to give you the kick in the butt you need.
  • Get support — While this is similar to asking for help, sometimes you’ll need to go outside your immediate circle and connect with other folks, this can be as simple as joining a Facebook Group or other online community (awesome for the introverts in the crowd)
  • Just Do It Already — Stop watching tv, ready that romance novel, playing that video game and spend the next 20 minutes just getting it done or figuring out what you need to know to get it done and then just do it.

You see we all have a finite amount of time in any given day, any given life. Why are we wasting it on excuses and not living on purpose.

Now go — do!

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