What’s Your Intention?

Last week, I had so many intentions to get things done, but you want to know what happened?

Not much.

I’ve been feeling stuck and full of resistance to my business and well everything.  

This doesn’t mean that I’m not doing the work or helping my clients, but anything that could kind of be considered optional hasn’t been done (including emailing you).

But here’s what I’ve observed…

Since late January our household has been in some kind of flux.  

It started with hubbie having an accident at work (all is okay) and him spending 16 hours at work that day, then he got sick and was off work for 4 days (actually 6 including the weekend), then my step son was home from work because he wasn’t feeling well, THEN I was down and out for a week AND then the hubbie threw his back out and he was off for another week.

To add to all of that, our temporary situation with my step-son living with us, we have decided to have him stay with us longer than planned so he can get a leg up, which means this Friday we’re moving our bedroom from the basement to his room and vice-versa.


There’s more I could add to all of that, like the board I am President of is having staffing issues that need to be dealt with…

It goes on and on, now for many of you with families and a bunch of commitments maybe reading this and saying to yourself, “Oh, that’s just a Tuesday for me!”

Here’s the thing, I’ve been working really hard at building a life (notice I didn’t say business) that is filled with intention, joy and little stress.

The past 5 weeks have been anything but!

So it’s no wonder, that my focus and intention for getting things done has taken a leap out the window.

Yesterday, I took the time to relax in a household that was filled with just myself and my two little fur babies.

I watched a bit of TV, I read and I spent a lot of time thinking.

Thinking is good for my brain, it helps me gain clarity about what’s happening in my world and helps me set things in a direction that feels good for me.

I’ve discovered that I need to put some full intention on simplifying even more than I have.  I need to assess my business and see what is working right now to help me earn the income I desire to help me live the life a desire.

This means looking at everything I’m doing in my business and removing everything that isn’t essential and get away from thinking I need to do everything because others are doing it.

It also means I need to get back to what I love doing and focusing more on writing, sharing with you my awesome subscribers and bring more Geek in Your Pocket clients into my community.

I’ve been feeling overwhelm in my business because I started to think I had to do things other people were doing, but that’s not how my business has grown.  

It’s grown organically through my community here, as I write to you. 

To those who connect with me in Facebook groups and those who find me on Facebook and enjoy what I share.

That’s where I need to spend my time, that’s what I need to focus on and forget the need to keep up with everyone else and do what everyone else is doing.

So that’s my intention:  Focus on works for me and forget the rest.

What about you?  What’s your intention? Share in the comments I’d love to know.

Geek In Your Pocket
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