WordPress Security Needs to be a Top Priority

One common issue I see with my clients and when I\’m setting up my Geek In Your Pocket clients is the lack of security on their websites.

Much of this is because you don\’t know what you don\’t know and as easy as WordPress can be to use, it\’s just as easy to fall into the idea that installing a plugin will keep everything secure.

The team at WP Fixit shares this about WordPress….

WordPress is a secure content management system with strong defenses, but it needs help. And to help, you need to be aware of the risks faced by your WordPress site. Once you understand the risks, it is easier to understand the part you play in keeping your site, its users, and its data out of the hands of criminals.

Source: WP Fixit

Now as you likely know, I\’m a big fan of WordPress as are many other people on this planet, but with that popularity comes the desire of some to try and hack into your site.

This article from WP Fixit covers some of the more common security risks that come with having a WordPress site.

Good News! Just a few small changes can help to keep your WordPress site more secure.

The following 4 steps can help keep your site secure and make things more difficult for the hackers.

  • Choose strong passwords — The longer the password will make it more difficult for a hacker to guess your password. Struggle with creating long passwords? I recommend using a service like LastPass that will help generate the passwords for you.
  • Update frequently — Keeping your WordPress site updated helps to fix security and vulnerability issues that come with the website. If you struggle with handling all of the updates and maintenance signing up for my Geek in Your Pocket service will take care of that for you.
  • Choose your hosting wisely — Cheaper isn\’t not always better. Yes you can get hosting for cheap now, but the price shouldn\’t be your only factor in choosing where to host your website.
  • Don’t help the hackers — Get your plugins and themes from reputable sources like WordPress.org. Be very careful where you download your themes and plugins, many of the free places could have free versions that are filled with malicious coding.

That\’s a wrap for today, let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any questions about your WordPress security or my Geek in Your Pocket service.