Articles For Building a Profitable & High Converting WordPress Site

I think I have an idea of why you’re here

  • You’re feel overwhelmed with ALL of the information out there on how to do things
  • You’re tired of relying on friends & family to help you make this all happen
  • You know you CAN do this, you just need a helping hand that understands where you’re at right now
  • You’re ready to move on from the “free” advice to getting actionable, on-point help & assistance that will show you exactly what you need to do.

Ways I can help

WordPress Services

Is your WordPress site causing you grief? I can help figure out what’s happening, fix up your site and get you back on track

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Website Protection

Your site is a vital asset to your business.  I can manage all the technical, security details of your website so it’s kept secured and updated.

Technical Consultations

Are you getting ready to launch a new program, or maybe your creating a new course? Know the right tools to use will make the process easier. I can help.

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WordPress Optimization

Keeping your site running smoothly is important for an optimal experience for your users. My optimization services will help you.

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DIY Guides For Bloggers

Blogger’s Guide to Google Analytics

How would it feel to finally ‘get’ google analytics?

You know understand It so well that when you take action on what you discover your audience feels almost like you’re reading their minds

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Blogger’s Guide To WordPress Updates

Like your car, your website needs to be maintained to keep in running smoothly and to keep it secure.

The Blogger’s Guide to WordPress Updates is ideal for the DIY Blogger wanting straight forward information, videos and step by step instructions one what to do to keep their site updated and protected.

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