Are you ignoring your WordPress Updates?

You're risking everything as a digital business owner if you are....

Hi, I’m Renee & I’m the Chief Geek around here.

I’ve been managing, updating and tweaking WordPress websites for 11+ Years, and it’s now become my passion and focus to help you keep your WordPress website in tip top shape.

WordPress powers 30% of ALL websites online,and because of this popularity it’s becoming a focus of hackers to try and take down your WordPress website and all the hard work with it.

I want you to have a WordPress site that is snug as a bug & update, so those who have nothing better to do will ignore your website and move to someone else.

A well maintained WordPress site, running on a top notch web host will help to keep your website secure and functioning for years to come. 

Let me be your Geek in Your Pocket and keep your website in tip top shape.

Articles to Help You Manage Your WordPress Site

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A cautionary tale

Today I want to share a story, I’m calling it a cautionary tale of going viral.

Imagine if you will...

You have created some amazing content on your site, the title of the blog post is intriguing and really entices folks to click through and the graphics you created to share on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the best you’ve created.

During your regular check in with Google Analytics you see a spike in your traffic, you dig a little deeper and discover that it’s gone viral – well at least for you!  You are excited and then the worst thing happens

You got to check the PIN that’s bring the traffic and you click through to your site to see something similar to…

I almost quit my business…

In September, it will be my 10th anniversary of working online and last month I seriously considered quitting my business. I’ll get into the why in a moment, but the reality is as a business owner these thoughts happen all the time.


and if you don’t experience self-doubt, frustration and even some anger when you’re building your business then I believe you’re doing something wrong.

My reason for thinking of quitting…

2018 Step by Step Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress Security, you’ve likely seen updates from Google about keeping your website secure.  Maybe you’ve even had your site hacked or infected with malware.  Wordpress, makes it easy for you to blog, sell digital or tangible products, update your website, and so much more. But like every other type of software, WordPress can be vulnerable to attack if you aren’t paying attention to your website security.

Today’s article will talk about all the different things you need to consider when maintaining and securing your website.  Let’s get to it!

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