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Creating a successful blog is hard work.

I experiment with online tools & marketing techniques so you don’t have to + I show you how you can create an business that fits your lifestyle and kickstarts your dreams.

I’ve been working online since 2008 helping tiny business owners build a business that supports & sustains them in the way that works for them and I want to help you tooYou can read my story here.

You’ll find lots of tutorials, guides and information to help you make sense of the technology you need to run your business online.

Not sure where to get started?

Scroll down to see my latest posts, or you can dive right into learning things about WordPress, ways to make your website better, or just browse through my thoughts on being an online business owner.

I’m also the creator of The Essentials…

A compendium to building your online business. It’s an unusual guide to support you in your business journey online and will be release in early 2017.  You can get on the early notification list here.

If you’re interested in learning about my 5 simple times to more visitors and generating more revenue, you might want to sign up to get my guide that will show you what to do.  Get 5 Simple Blog Fixes to Get More Visitors & Generate More Revenue.


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